The medium cabin is smaller than the big cabin, but not lacking in comfort or amenities. This cabin was originally the kitchen and laundry room for our campgrounds’ general store and now it is a better kitchen (with full-sized appliances), a good sized bedroom, a bathroom and shower closet; and all the rest that you would expect like pots and pans and dishes and a flat screen tv with satellite. The medium cabin is a great for a single, a couple or a small family. It sleeps up to 4 on 1 king bed in bedroom and 2 full sized roll-a-way beds. The cabin is a great alternative to a hotel room and has a small deck outside of the front door. While the cabin is near our fishing pond, the cabin is tucked behind two permanent campsites so there are no views unfortunately. If you are looking for views, this might not be your best option. If you are looking for a really clean and affordable cabin near the lake, this might be a perfect option. 


$120 – 3 to 4 nights / $114 – 5 to 9 nights / $108 – 10 to 14 nights / $102 – 15 to 19 nights

call for 20+ night discounts



3 Night Minimum
4 Night Minimum for Holiday Bookings
5% Franklin County Tourism Tax






NO linens are provided and NO daily maid service is provided. Guest must bring sheets, blankets, pillows, towels, soap, and other toiletries.
Number of overnight guests is strictly limited to 4, unless otherwise authorized.
Check-in time is 3 pm CST. Check-out time is 11:00 am CST.
2-night minimum. 3-night minimum on all holidays.
NO WIFI or internet is provided.
Absolutely NO smoking in cabin.
NO pets allowed.
This is a first floor unit with approximately 20 stairs to sleeping loft.
The cabin is NOT childproof and not suitable for infants and toddlers.
Nightly rate increased by $20 on holidays.

Stays longer than one month will be assessed for electricity on the 26th each month. 

reservations & cancellations

reservations accepted up to 9 months in advance in same calendar year only
100% refund for cancellations 60 days prior to arrival
50% refund for cancellations 30 days prior to arrival
25% refund for cancellations 14 days prior to arrival


Please read this rental policy carefully. If you reserve a cabin, your reservation will serve as verification that you have read, understand and agree to be bound by the terms, conditions and obligations contained within.Coy and Wilmas, LLC is not responsible for the loss or damage to personal belongings or valuables of the Guest.

  1. Guests are responsible for doing all dishes, and removing any and trash and debris from Cabin upon
  2. Check-out. Trash should be disposed of in the campgrounds outside trash receptacle.
  3. No smoking in cabin. If cigarettes are smoked outside, the butts must be disposed of safely in an outdoor ashtray. $50 will be charged to any guest who leaves cigarette butts on deck, in yard or anywhere on the campground property.
  4. Guests must be at least 21 years of age to rent cabin.
  5. Guest shall not make or permit any noise, or engage in or permit any other conduct that disturbs or offends neighbors. Special consideration must be exercised before 8:00AM and after 10:00PM.
  6. Guest is responsible for ensuring that disturbing noises are not caused by Guest’s family, guests or invitees.
  7. Parking is allowed on campground property in front of barn in designated gravel parking area only unless otherwise authorized by Coy and Wilmas, LLC.
  8. Rental deposits will be refunded if Guest cancels 60 days prior to the Check-in date. No deposit will be refunded if cancelation is made less than 60 days prior to the Check-in Date.
  9. Guest assumes responsibility for the constant safety and supervision of all members of guest party, minors and adults.
  10. Guest agree to follow all campground rules and regulations, and further agree to follow any rules which may be communicated verbally by employees or agents of the campground.
  11. Any alcohol consumed by Guest before or after arrival will be assumed to be a contributing factor to any accident or injury.
  12. Guest fully understands that Coy and Wilma’s LLC has no medical facilities and that in the event of illness or injury appropriate medical care and treatment will likely be delayed by the distance from medical treatment facilities.
  13. Guest acknowledges that Coy and Wilma’s, LLC has made no representation that their staff or agents can or will perform safe and competent rescues and or render first aid.
  14. Coy and Wilmas, LLC is NOT responsible for any accidents, injuries or illness of Guest that occur while on the premises or in its facilities, and or the financial damages that may result from said occurrences.
  15. Guest assumes the risk of any and all harm arising from their use of the premises and others whom they invite to use the premises. The financial responsibility of the Guest is not limited to the amount of the damage deposit. Guests are wholly responsible to correct any and all damage the done to the premises and contents within.
  16. Guest acknowledges and understands that the property is NOT childproof, and that household cleaning supplies, solvents, paints, chemicals, medications and sharp and dangerous tools and utensils are present and easily accessible throughout the cabin and the property including but not limited to on countertops and shelves, and in unlocked cabinets and closets. Guest agrees to assume absolute and total responsibility for supervising children and agrees to assume any and all risks for harm and or injury that may come to guests, guests’ children and all others that they may invite to the premises as a result of coming in contact with any and all hazards.